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excelsior. a lot of programs, multiethnic. there is i.t. bookman center. >> i missed that? >> the i.t. bookman on randolf and victoria. temple united methodist has a program. there is a lutheran church on beverly close by a couple blocks up. those are all good places to do outreach. there is a korean group on broad street or sagamore that is worth outreach as well. >> thank you, i would be happy by to work with your office on a meeting. >> thank you, ms. prozen. >> thank you. >> the last speaker is david chen the out reach coordinator. thank you for the work over the years. >> thank you for having me
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here today, supervisors. they all said what i wanted to say, but i want to point out one thing. s.a.f.e. plays a major role in the office and educational forum, programs in this scam series. however, s.a.f.e. also do another one, is educating the younger generation. that means middle-aged parents. there are still a lot of centers who don't go to community centers. they may be illiterate, may not have access to televisions because the -- grandchildren actually use the television, so they are out of touch with the world. these are very vulnerable targets. ones that step out on the
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street alone. so we want people to go back and tell the elderly parents, particularly the elderly asian woman parent to be aware of this kind of scam. everybody say that this is something recent. actually this is not. this is century old scam generated from the fear of ancient belief in supernatural power. when i was a kid my grandmother tell me a lot of stories. at that moment you receive this kind of story and it really stays in the memory. if there's anyone who came to you and telling you something will happen to you because some evil thing
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is attached on your body, they will strike fear. you overwhemingly fear and coerced and overwhelmed with emotions. your in-laws, cousins. and follow instruction. also given the impression that this perpetrators, they believe they are using application drugs to make their victims unconscious and follow instructions. there's no evidence so far, even when i was working in hong kong, we never found any evidence on that. but there is a strong belief in that. second thing i want to say is language barriers. we found out in ones we
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have attacked in san francisco we find there is a huge limitation in this language services. i'm helping and actually i was donating a lot of my personal time in translating personal documents because they don't have an officer who have capacity of getting document translated.i covered my points because --
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>> i just want to say thank you for your work. i really believe you go across the entire city above and beyond and you have done a lot of volunteering of your time. i'm sure you have done this a lot. i just want to say thank you for your service. it is really important. we rely a lot on you in the city. there should be more of you in terms of doing what you are doing so thank you. >> i think you are right. should be more of me but unfortunately there's only one of me and the entire san francisco say also can't find another one, even in sfpd or the d.a.'s office. >> can i just say that one thing that really angers me about these scams is many seniors are really isolated and don't have a younger person to talk with them about being careful, so they are so isolated that they don't talk to others. i'm hoping sf safe or the
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senior organizations and many community-based groups can do more to reduce that isolation for many older folks. but i think that is a broader issue than what law enforcement can deal with but i see that targeting vulnerable that are most isolated is what many criminals do. >> another thing is, a serious lack of knowledge in the u.s. criminal justice system. they don't know how to follow this system. sometimes the victim believe if i make a report to the police all my lost property will be recovered and then i get paid back. that is not true. a long, legal process. sometime they get frustrated. they don't go to police. there is also a cultural thing as they feel ashamed. some don't even want to
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tell their family because being a senior in the family and you get cheated, it is a very disgraceful kind of thing in a family so they try to hide and not coming forth to report. luckily because people come out a lot of reports are made but i believe there are lots of unreported cases. >> thank you, mr. chen. supervisor olague? >> we have worked with s.a.f.e. on a lot of issues. i'm grateful for what you do. i haven't heard anything from constituents from districts. but there is a large senior population. many from here. i will check in with the senior sensors and work with you. >> actually, kimochi. >> i will check in with
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kimochi and other groups in the neighborhood. >> thank you. if there are no other questions, let's open this for public comment. is there anyone from the public that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. i just wanted to, if there are no other comments from my colleagues right now, i will just say that this is really a great example of law enforcement and s.a.f.e. to work together to deal with the first series. it is pretty clear there's been a decrease but the community awareness that you're doing is really encouraging. so thank you so much to the police, district attorney and s.f.s.a.f.e. and senior organizations mentioned today. i also want to say that i think the amount of media publicity with some of the
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chinese media and mainstream media has helped to raise awareness. but much more needs to be done, especially with isolated seniors and others, so i'm glad it is continuing. also working with the f.b.i. on prosecuting and really trying to identify the key root causes of these types of scams. i also wanted to say that i think the town halls and community meetings you are doing i think are really critical. i will make sure my office is participating and supporting with the d.a. and police department's materials. especially in chinese. also you mentioned russian language materials for our neighborhood and working with the media to keep the awareness up. i wanted to also say that next week i know that s.f.s.a.f.e. is working with my office to raise awareness in the richmond district with merchants and seniors as well. we will probably work with the jackie chan center, which is self-help for elderly and other things to
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continue the outreach in my district. i will also reach out to the police department and d.a.'s office to join us in raising as much awareness as we can in the richmond district. in the next workshops you are doing, please let all of our offices know so we can broadly outreach. not just chinatown but also bayview, ingleside especially and southern district. it's really spread. the incidents are all throughout the city, looks like. thank you so much for being here. i wanted to also say that as david chen said, these are scams that will maybe keep coming up in different types of ways, so that the work all of you are doing to prevent elder abuse kind of is also the broader issue. thank you so much for the great work. if there's no other comments, i would just like
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to move that we continue this item to the call of the chair. >> okay. that we can do, without objection. we will continue this item to the call of the chair. want to thank d.a.'s office, police department, mr. chan from s.f. safe for your presentation and your work. i'm glad we saw the video. it really gave me a sense of what people are -- how they are being preyed upon. made me very angry. it think it is important we have a good understanding of that, so it was educational for me. francis shay in my office is the best person to contact around how to do the outreach in our district as well, district 11. thank you so much. we will adjourn this meeting. [ meeting adjourned ]
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